Structural Engineering Bureau, RIGA

Civil engineering is the world built by humans. It is the world, that’s been built around you.

We do structural design for public buildings like schools or sports halls, offices, warehouses and so much more.
Today K Forma celebrates 15 years of structural engineering, by designing, planning and building the world we live in today.

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News & Events

Great news !!

The project, in which we also participated, won the prestigious Gothenburg Kasper Salin architecture award. Our field: Loadbearing precast structures, structural calculations, production shop drawings for loadbearing structures (precast concrete / steel). More information here:

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“Shadow day” at K FORMA !

Today, as part of the “shadow days”, we welcomed five great young people: Katrina, Olivers, Patriks, Niks and Kristaps. We visited RTU’s 3D concrete printing laboratory, K FORMA office, visited our friends RUUME arhitekti , as well as the construction site of our facility on Rūpniecibas Street.

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