Structural Engineering Bureau, RIGA

Civil engineering is the world built by humans. It is the world, that’s been built around you.

We do structural design for public buildings like schools or sports halls, offices, warehouses and so much more.
Today K Forma celebrates 15 years of structural engineering, by designing, planning and building the world we live in today.

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News & Events

New School in Sillamea, Estonia !

Silamea elementary school in Estonia was opened at the end of January. A project in which a lot of effort and work has been invested. A lot of wood, both in structures and in the interior. Authors of the project, our friends Lauder Architecs / . Engineering parts: Tari AS / . Our […]

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Rupniecibas street 27 in full construction speed

Our designed project, second stage of Rupniecibas quarter is in full construction speed. A lot of precast architecture solutions in one building. All precast produced by AS UPB. Full scope of structural part done by us. Architecture by RUUME. Client – SIA MERKS.

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